Monday, August 31, 2020

Front Entrance Sign

 Our front entrance sign was broke and blown down by a storm back in March. We aren't sure how many people actually noticed that the sign was no longer there, so that got me thinking. The old sign had not been touched or updated in my time here at MP (9 years). So, I thought it was time to refurbish the old sign and try to make it more noticeable! Though a series of pictures, we will show you our process. Also, would like to give a shout out to my assistant Mike for the ideas and help on this project. 

I forgot to take a picture of the old sign before we started the refurbishment.  Luckily I remembered at this point of the process so you can somewhat see the before. First, we power washed the whole sign to get old chipping paint off and have some good wood grain showing.

After the power wash had dried, we chose to paint the base color Black. Our thought was that with a dark background that the wording would stick out and pop more.

Once the base paint dried, we began painting the letters. We chose to paint the words "Minor Park Golf Course" in bright white paint.

We then chose to paint the words "Open to Public" in a metallic silver color.  The picture does not do the wording colors justice, in the sunlight they really pop!

I had an idea as we were going though the process to add something to the sign to draw peoples attention. The idea was to add these cut flag sticks to the top of the sign so we could put some of our flags on top to help draw attention.

Once all the paint was dry and the glue had dried on the new addition of the flag sticks, we put new side posts on and put it all back together. The two long posts on each side were what broke when the wind blew it down.

We put the orange flags on the sign for now to help draw attention to the sign.  We dug new holes and set the sign in concrete. The buckets on each side of the poles were filled with sand and helped support the sign until the concrete set up. 

Finished product!! Same old sign...refurbished and updated!!
We can do a few things more things than just grow and mow grass, Haha!

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