Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Greens Aerification

On Sunday evening April 8th we began the process of aerification on our greens.  We were able to get 9 holes punched and picked up before night fell upon us and we were unable to continue.  We picked up where we left off on Monday April 9th and finished punching and picking up cores by 11:00 am.  After the process of removing the material from greens we began topdressing sand onto the greens to fill in the holes.  After the sand dries, we were able to start to drag in the sand.  This process was completed by 6:00 pm and were able to open all 18 holes for play on Tuesday April 10th.  This is a time consuming process that no one enjoys but it is extremely beneficial to the health of the greens.

Its been a little over 2 weeks since we completed the Aerification of Greens.  They are recovering nicely from this and continue to fill the holes with new healthy turf.  Between these 2 weeks we were able to get some much needed fertilizer on them to help speed up regrowth and got out our fungicide application, Primo/Proxy Application and a wetting agent to help move water through the Profile.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We are off to a fast start to the 2012 golfing season.    I would like to start my first blog by highlighting a few changes that we have started here at Minor Park. Hopefully you have seen the new tee features, if so we removed all of the red pavers and edged around the ball washer and hole sign.  When I get my shipment of mulch in, we will be mulching those areas to complete the look. Hole #2 shows the finished product.   We began last week mowing our rough at the height of 3 inches.  As many of you know is has taken off very quickly and we are doing our best to get around as quickly as possible.  We also were able to get carts off path last weekend allowing us to get out our new signage to help direct traffic a bit easier.  We also added 150 stakes in the middle of fairways to help identify yardage for the golfers. On the cultural side we got out dimension plus fertilizer in our rough (grassy weed control), and also applied our second application of Primo/Proxy (seed head suppression) and Fungicide to our Greens.  We will begin aerification on the evening of April 8th and continue through the 10th   I hope you are enjoying the new Minor Park and I hope you play often.
Existing red pavers around tee features

Finished product on #2 Tee

New Exit Posts

New #7 Bridge

 About two months ago, an accident occurred off of 115th street on the south end of the golf course. The vehicle came through the fence and ...