Friday, June 8, 2018

NEW #6 Hole Sign

Since 2012, we had been without a hole sign on the #6 tee.  About a week or two after I first started working at MP, vandals hit the course one night doing some damage to different things on the course and one being knocking over and breaking in half the granite hole sign on the #6 tee feature.  As you may or may not know, granite is not an easy or inexpensive fix.  We attempted to repair the sign by drilling into the granite and inserting a steel rod to hold the pieces together.  This did not go too well and we ended up not being able to use the damaged sign.

Because of this incident, the feature on #6 went without a hole sign for almost six years.  Go figure because #6 is the only hole on the golf course with a blind tee shot. When I took over as Head Superintendent in late 2017, I decided I wanted to inquire about what it would cost to get a new sign made.  I involved our GM, Chris Buescher in the process and we began making a plan to find some money in our budget to get this project done.  We found a great company in Independence, MO called Pence Enterprises.  After some back and forth, we finally got a match with the granite so our sign would look the same as the rest on the course.

I was very pleased with the finished product.  I am not sure how many of our golfers actually noticed the sign was missing, but I would guess our regulars definitely knew. We received our new sign at the beginning of May and it took all hands on deck to get the new heavy sign installed.  A big thank you to my crew for getting the sign installed, to Pence Enterprises for doing great work on the sign, and to my GM Chris for helping me get the ball rolling and complete this project!

NEW sign on #6

Picking up new sign at Pence Enterprises

Old sign broke in half due to vandals

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