Friday, June 29, 2012

New Irrigation Installation

Sorry for the large gap between post, with the temps heating up and the irrigation upgrade, myself and the staff has been very busy keeping everything Mowed and watered.   As some of you have been out on the course you may have seen certain greens with holes all around it and me sitting in one of the holes. I am in the process of installing 110 new sprinkler heads to replace to old  water ineffecient toro heads.  Our system is a single row system from tee to green.  What this means is there is one head every 100 ft from the tee to the green down the middle of the fairway.  Once it gets to the green tthey average 5-6 heads on them. So if you play out here much you will see that our outer rough (anything that is not within a 100ft  diameter of a sprinkler head) is brown.  Since we have no irrigation out there, this is why we really stress the no carts in rough this time of the year. We are putting in Rainbird 700  turf sprinklers.  Installing these will allow the heads to  all come up and go off at the same time.  They will also put out a consistant and even stream of water on the green.  I started on Monday after everything arrived, and I currently have 5 holes completed. We also have nine new control boxes we will be putting in down the road so look for that blog.

 Old Toro Head.  Here I'm in the process of removing the head and cutting the wires that supply power and communication to the head.

This is the adapter that converts the old toro heads to allow for the new rainbird head to be installed on existing swing arms.  The bottom of apapter is NPT threads which means the have to be taped.  The top is called Acme threads. This have a gasket that sets in the heads allowing for no tape to be used.

The new rainbird 700 installed and wired.  its ready to be backfilled and leveled.

New Sprinklers in Action!  All come up at the same time and rotate the same speed allowing uniform coverage on greens.

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