Friday, July 3, 2020

Lesson Tee Protection

Due to a high volume of golfers hitting horrible errant shots off the Driving Range Tee, we decided the Lesson Tee needed more safety protection after a few close calls of students almost being hit while getting a lesson from one of the Pro's.  After a few ideas were thrown out, I decided to do the project in house. The results came out better than expected.  Our new protective netting gives 99.9% safety to our students and the Pro's teaching them on the Lesson Tee. The pictures will show from installing 4 posts in concrete, to framing and painting, and finishing with hanging the netting. 

4 posts setting in concrete

View from Lesson Tee - Framed up

View from Public Tee - Framed up

Freshly painted - Roll of netting next to be put up

Finished product - Netting hung

New #7 Bridge

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