Monday, October 28, 2013

Frost Delays

Well once again its that time of the year where you start having the dreaded frost delays. As I sit here writing this we just had a hour and a half delay to start golf. I understand that it can be frustrating for golfers so I would like to share some information from the USGA.

I am an early-morning golfer. What is the justification for frost delays?

 Frost Issues
Frost is essentially frozen dew. Ice crystals visible on the outside of the plant can also form on the inside of grass blades. The grass plant, normally resilient to footsteps or cart traffic, becomes brittle and fragile when ice crystals form. Under the pressure of traffic, ice crystals puncture living plant tissues and rupture plant cells. Damage will not appear right away, but it will show up in footsteps and tire tracks the following days as the plant is unable to repair itself and begins to die. Frost damage can occur on any turfgrass mowed at any height, but it is amplified when the plant is mowed low, as on a putting green.
Keep in mind that a foursome typically takes several hundred footsteps on each green, so even allowing just a few groups to play when frost is present can be very damaging to the greens, as well as to the rest of the golf course. It is not completely understood when frost will cause damage, so the decision to keep traffic off the course must be made conservatively to protect the condition of the course. For this reason, golf facilities are wise to delay starting times in the morning until frost has completely melted.

Here is the Definition on frost and what causes it:

Frost is the solid deposition of water vapor from humid air. It is formed when the temperature of a solid surface is below the freezing point of water and also below the frost point.

Frost Damage on Putting Green.
Hopefully this gives some good information on why we have frost delays. Course is in great shape and soon we will be going to Cart Path Only!!!!! So if you can get away from work please come out to Minor Park Golf Course.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Aerification Completion

Its been over a week and a half since aerification was completed. Greens are recovering nicely and the holes are almost completely covered.  This year we tried a new piece of equipment for Minor Park Golf Course, The Core Collector. This equipment attaches to the back of the procore 648 and collects all the cores that are brought to the surface and then deposits them on the edge of the green for collection. By having this attachment we were able to eliminate the use of the core harvester and help save traffic placed on the green. Below is a picture of this new attachment.

Greens 1.5 weeks after Aerification
As the season comes to an end I would like to thank my hard working staff for the work they put into Minor Park Golf Couse. With my second season under my belt I hope that anyone that comes and plays can see the hard work and dedication that myself and my staff have at Minor Park. 

New #7 Bridge

 About two months ago, an accident occurred off of 115th street on the south end of the golf course. The vehicle came through the fence and ...