Monday, October 8, 2012

Time To Put The Zoysia To Bed!

As I sit here writing this, I look out my shop window and see a nice blanket of frost throughout the course.  With Temperatures getting low enough for frost and the highs just cracking the 60's and 70's the warm season Zoysia will start to shut down and proceeded into dormancy for the winter.  About Mid- September we applied a fertilizer application of 5-10-31 to harden the zoysia off.  About a week later we mowed our fairways and tees for the last time.  If you have played lately you probably notice that they are getting tall.  We do this to help protect the crown of the plant so when it goes through the brutal Missouri winters ( the ones we usually get unlike last winter) it will be protected and allow for less winter kill of Zoysia when it comes out in the Spring.


The Month of September was greatly welcomed in by myself and my hard working staff. I would like to thank everyone on my staff for the hard work they showed during the hottest and driest summer in quite some time.  With the cooler temperatures we have received over the last month, we were able to get out 2000 pounds of tall fescue seed into our rough that was badly hit with the no rain, high temperatures and lack of irrigation coverage.

Now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy these nice days and perfect course conditions at Minor Park Golf Course. I look forward to seeing you on the Golf Course.



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