Thursday, August 4, 2016

Groundhog Days

Ah yes, it’s August 2nd…another forecast of high temps and humidity. Clouds, fog and haze this morning, so no shadow would be seen…does this mean we will we have 6 more weeks of summer or an early fall?  I think we know what we all wish for!
Hopefully we have less than a month of this weather left and then it’s on to aerification, cooler nights, and football season (Are you ready for some football?!).

In the Turfcare industry this summer has been a tough one. We began the season with buckets of rain, then no rain, then sporadic heavy rain.  We backed this pattern with high temperatures plus brutal dew points, and because of this, we (like many others) have suffered areas of thinning and dried out turf.  All in all Minor Park as come through this barrage of ugly weather in quite good shape!

When the heat is on, and on and on…Our Best Practices are as follows:

·        Cooling and Hand watering: Which allows up to drop the surface temp and also only puts water where it is needed.
·        Venting and Top Dressing to ensure the roots can breathe and also helps breakup thatch layering and puffiness.
·        Watering judiciously to prevent disease, conserve resources, and maintain healthy turf.

That being said I would like to thank my hard working staff, Minor Park is in great shape considering the ‘transitional’ weather and a lot of it has to do with the dedicated people who show up daily at 5:30am ready for manual labor in tough conditions.  We hope you have been playing as much golf as you can, as we take pride in bringing you the best golf experience we can.  Enjoy playing this great game, soon we will be putting on the stocking caps…February 2nd is not as far off as it sounds.

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