Thursday, July 2, 2015

New Ball washers/Trash Receptacles

Last season we had a few ball washers that didn't make it out of winter. So what we did to start the season was put a ball washer on 1, 10, and every even hole. With some extra revenue money were are starting to implement new ball washers back onto the holes that don't have one. We have purchased 3 new ball washers and 2 new double sided trash cans to help with recycling at Minor. Each month we are hoping to purchase a few more but at $360.00/setup it may take a few months . As you see in the picture below this is what we are purchasing each month.

Also a friendly reminder,  it is the season of hand watering. As you play Minor Park please be on the lookout for my staff as they fight the fires of summer. Before you strike your ball please make sure that there is some sort of contact between my staff and yourself . My guys will do there best to keep an eye out for you guys, but if need be feel free to holler or wave at them to acknowledge you are there before you hurl that torpedo rocket at them. Here is a small video that will show you why we water the way we do.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you our at Minor Park Golf Course. 

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