Friday, May 22, 2015

13 Fairway update

Two full seasons ago we striped in 13 fairway to convert this cool-season fairway that was a mixed bag of poa annua, ryegrass, and anything else that may have moved in throughout the season to the final Zoysia Fairway at Minor Park. The first full season we allowed the Zoysia to established itself in the 7 inch strips. The second year we allowed it to creep out from the strips and begin filling the gaps in between. This season, the third year we began the process of eliminating the cool-season grass to allow the zoysia to take over. We sprayed a product called Revolver. What this product does it that it slowly kills all of the cool-season grass without harming the warm-Season grass allowing it no competition to continue its spread into the voids. As the season goes along you may notice some thin or bare spots as the Zoysia finds its way into these voids. As the temperatures heat up and the Zoysia is growing at its best we will hit it with multiple fertilizer apps to aid with coverage.  It may look ugly as this process progresses but just understand that while it may be an eyesore these are the steps needed to convert this fairway into a solid stand of Zoysia.

Here are a few pictures of the progression of this fairway:
Before Revolver Spray

1 week after Revolver Spray

Notice the cool-season yellowing off 

3 weeks post spray. The dark strips are the Zoysia grass

In this picture you can see the spread of the Zoysia grass between the 2 strips. The yellowing grass will slowly disappear while the dark green Zoysia will continue to spread in.

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