Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quick Hits Minor Park

Quick Hits:

  • Course is in great shape. The greens are holding strong with the hot temps and high humidity. Since Tees and Fairways are zoysia they are loving life with all this heat. 
  • This year seems to be more of a weed year. I think due to the fact that we had so much rain early in the season that it may of leached our pre emergence away from where it needed to be therefore allow broad leaf and grassy weeds to emerge. We are doing our best to spray but this year seems like an endless fight. 
  • Rough have probably stayed in the best shape since I've been here. With all the timely rains, we hopefully will have less areas to seed then in years past. 
  • Fall Aerification is scheduled for September 13-15th 2015. As normal we will start punching holes Sunday evening and usually have this process done by lunchtime Monday. If all goes smooth we generally have either 9 or all 18 open for play on Tuesday. 
  • I would also like the thank all my hard working staff for the time and energy they put in each year. Without them Minor Park would not be what it is. 
  • Lastly, I would like to congratulate my assistant David Carlson, on getting married August 8, 2015. If you see him out on the course while playing, feel free to congratulate him. 
  • I hope everyone is enjoying there golf here at Minor Park. My team and I thrive to give the customer the best playing experience possible. Feel free to leave me comments on this blog, post a review on google, fill out the customer survey on the website, or email us and let us know how we are doing. Comments and reviews help myself and my team work at making your experience at Minor Park Golf Course even better.

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