Thursday, July 7, 2016

How We Deal With Excess Moisture

With the  rains we have had late June early July at Minor Park the golf course is looking great. Here at Minor Park we were fortunate to be able to purchase 2 moisture meters to help measure moisture levels on greens. These meters have helped us know where we need to put water and also when we need to start irrigation after a rain event. Here is a picture and a brief description of what this equipment allows us to accomplish:

Spectrum Moisture Meter

These meters allow the user to probe greens and get a base reading of moisture in greens. After getting this initial reading this can be used in the morning and afternoon to test greens and see where we are on moisture and if they will last for the remainder of the day. For the greens at Minor Park we like to have ours between 15-18%. Anything below 15% will typical becomes a localized dry spot.

You may of seen David and I out probing greens looking at the percentage of moisture in the green

This was taken 7/7/16 after 1 inch of rain. As you see the percentage is 30.6. This shows us that we can shut off irrigation for at least a couple nights or more. 

Venting of Greens

Another cultural practice we are able to do is vent greens. We are able to get out once a month in the summer with bayonet tines and poke tiny slits into the green to allow gasses to escape. As the weather heats up and turf growth continues, destructive gasses such as methane and CO2 can build up in the root zone. Couple that with the excessively wet weather and you have a recipe for sick turf. This is the ideal time of year to vent greens. Venting allows bad gasses to escape and oxygen to penetrate the root zone. It also improves drainage and penetration of water. By reducing water, increasing oxygen, and allowing bad gasses to escape the soil microbes become more active, roots thrive, and overall plant health improves. The turf is now much stronger to heal traffic damage and fend off disease pressure. All without golfer interference! 

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