Thursday, March 8, 2018

Many Moles

     As many of our patrons may have noticed, our property is a hot bed for the Mole population.  Over the past few years, we have struggled to keep this problem under control.  The mild winters play a large role in this issue, due to the ground never really freezing deeply.  Moles go deeper into the ground for warmth, so the more the ground freezes in the winter, the better it is for us. The cold air temperatures keep the golfers away but the Moles begin to play.
     Moles are blind and deaf.  All of their movement is done through smell, feel and vibrations. This would make you think they are easy to control... unfortunately, they are pretty smart creatures and very good at using the senses they do have, to their advantage.  They create a tunnel system under ground and that is their source of movement.  The large soil piles that you see from time to time are the Moles pushing all the soil from their tunnels up and out of the way.  This is not a flattering look for the golf course and also very frustrating for us and golfers.
     We use two ways of controlling moles.  With the use of traps and a product called Talprid, we usually catch a mole about 20%-30% of the time.  We will continue to do the best we can at controlling moles this season to keep the course in great condition and to keep you coming back for more... Hmmm, that sounds awful similar to the game of golf!

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