Thursday, August 2, 2012

Root Pruning #9 green

I began to notice some major decline of the collar on number 9.  When I got here in February, this area was bare so we sodded it from the sod that was on the existing nursery green before we rebuilt the nursery green 2 months later.  With the temperatures being so hot we were on a regiment of watering greens with overheads in the evening and mornings consisted of watering spots and collars then light cool down runs in afternoon.  We have been doing this process for the last 3 months and this area kept declining.  I decided to see if it was a problem under the turf.  I dug a small hole right next to the collar and noticed 3, 1 inch sized roots about 3 inches below ground.  This finding lead me to believe that the 2 trees that are near the green was stealing the water before the turf could take it in.  Here are some photos of the spot in decline and the 2 trees by the green.

We borrowed a walk behind trencher and proceed to root prone about a quarter of the way around the green.  What this process will do is sever the roots that are into the green and in about 2 days those roots will stop taking water from the green.  We have noticed that some of the spots on the green are starting to bounce back after this process.
Digging the trench around the green to sever any roots that are into the green.

The open trench we found a lot of surface roots and rock.  The roots started about 2 inches below the surface.
In the process of filling the trench back in and then replacing the sod back on it.

Finished Product

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