Friday, March 29, 2019

Maintenance Building Update : Phase 1 Completed

    Our harsh winter created some difficulties for the construction of our new building.  Snow storms and wet conditions made for many lulls in the building process. We have Phase 1 completed (November - March), which means the building will be used for cold storage of equipment.  Phase 2 will consist of insulation, electricity, plumbing and hopefully the construction of our new offices in the west end of the building.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

Nov 2 - Pump truck pouring retaining wall

Nov 2 - Looking inside the retaining wall forms

Nov 2 - Pouring the West retaining wall - looking East

Nov 2 - Pouring the North retaining wall

Nov 6 - Retaining wall forms removed

Nov 7 - Floor with re-bar ready to be poured

Nov 16 - Pouring the slab floor

Nov 16 - Pouring the slab floor

Nov 16 - Pouring the slab floor

Nov 16 - Slab floor all poured 

Dec 3 - Ready for structure

Jan 8 - Steel beginning to go up

Jan 21 - Walls going up on North and Southside

Jan 21 - Looking West

Jan 21 - Looking Southwest

Jan 28 - Building enclosed and roof on

Jan 28 - Looking East, overhead doors not installed

Jan 28 - Looking West

Jan 28 - View from outside looking West

Feb 11 - Overhead doors installed looking East

Feb 11 - Equipment stored safely in the new building

Mar 20 - Prepping for concrete driveway

Mar 20 - Prepped sidewalk for concrete

Mar 21 - Pouring concrete sidewalk on Southside

Mar 21 - Pouring driveway on the South side

Mar 21- Southside driveway

Mar 21 - Pouring East side driveway/sidewalk

Mar 21 - East side driveway/sidewalk

Mar 29 - Present day - Phase 1 Completed!

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