Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Redesign of Landscape Beds

Some of you may have seen the redesign of the landscape bed by #18 green.  When I first got here this bed was completed covered in weeds and sucker trees and the ornamental grasses were scattered all over the place.  We decided to save what grasses we could and replant them in a better looking pattern. we then stripped off all the sod and edged the bed. We finished the bed by adding fresh mulch to give it a clean look.

 We also addressed an issue at the driving range. Due to the amount of golfers hitting balls and setting on the benches to watch, the turf around the benches took a huge hit. So we decided to take out the dead turf and replace it around the benches with a mulch bed that will take the traffic of everyday use. As you can see in the picture we still have a lot of turf decline we have to address in the future. Our plan is to come up with a solution that will allow golfers access to the driving range tee without having to walk through the grass to get to it.

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